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We are a new start up and we offer several services (Mobile,Software development,CMS,Web,etc). The classic problem that all the start-up got is to face at the begin is how to get into the market making potential client.
we were thinking to offer some service, let’s say SEO analysis and something else, for free maybe sending a letter to potential customers. This would give us an easy way to make customers trust us(or at least now we exist) with no risk for them (as the promotion will be risk-free).
any suggestions are welcome

Getting Started Promotion

asked May 23 '12 at 19:20
Massimiliano Peluso
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If I need a service in a timely fashion and you can't deliver, my time is at risk along with the potential savings and income that I expect to get from the service.

Show confidence in getting the job done professionally by charging the right price. You can leverage your experience as an employee or any work on a similar project to support your expertise.

Start contacting several prospects and don't lower your price until several tell you it is too much and the only reason we won't hire you.

answered May 24 '12 at 00:30
Jeff O
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  • What we were thinking to offer for free is just something that we can deliver with a small effort. It is only a way to have a “first contact” with potential customer showing them also some of our skills – Massimiliano Peluso 9 years ago
  • If you're starting a business where you can't contact at least one person that you know could use your expertise, it will be difficult to understand the market. Force yourself to think of some people/companies you've had some contact. – Jeff O 9 years ago

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