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Has anyone done any ab testing between a splash page which includes links to other sections of the site vs. a splash screen with basically just a "sign up" link? My site (http://getcreditable.com), for example, has links across the top and I have been considering how removing those links might improve my sign up conversation rates.


Ab Testing Conversion

asked Apr 25 '11 at 10:25
Ryan B
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Someone else's AB test results aren't going to tell you much about your site. My two cents are: I really like the look of your web site, but at the same time it feels very busy on the front page and your call to action doesn't stand out enough. That could be causing conversion problems right there. If you're worried about links distracting people from signing up, you might want to try incorporating your How It Works content into a slider on the front page.

Looks like a very nice site, though. Hope you get it converting the way you want.

answered Apr 25 '11 at 11:50
Adam Wright
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A Splash Page I am sure that different people have different definitions of terms. I believe that a splash page is a largely ornamental page usually highly visable to set the tone of a brand. In my mind the spalsh page is a "pre-home page" that then

I like your site, and based on your desire to increase conversions I doubt that adding an extra step before the real content will improve conversions.

A Squeeze Page What I think you might be looking for is what I call a "squeeze page". A squeeze page delivers a single message with a singular call to action. A squeeze page which is part of a marketing campaign is in direct relationship to the advertising which "pushed" the prospective customer to the site. then the squeeze page directly addresses their pain with the solution being the desired action. There may or may not be any distractions of additional links beyond those that are in accordance with the desired sales channel.

An Example For example, if you created a single landing page in support of your site specifically targeting start-up entrepreneurs that have found themselves overwhelmed with debt, and then started running PPC advertising to entrepreneurs seeking to recover from debt -- you would make the link from the advertising to the squeeze page rather than your sites general home page. The language on the squeeze page would be focused specifically to an entrepreneur in a way that general family person, or a recent college graduates language would not. The squeeze page would have a large button to click for the free demo. It might have a small link that says "Learn More" that goes to your general website.

On a squeeze page such as this -- as few buttons as possible -- you are "squeezing" the visitor through your sales channel rather than splashing them with sizzle.

answered Apr 25 '11 at 16:05
Joseph Barisonzi
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