Extensions to convert regular desks to standing desks?


Is there a desktop add-on that would allow a normal desk to become a stand up desk? It has to be purchasable and quick to assemble (no cutting or drilling).

Basically we have a bunch of desks that cannot be replaced (built into the cubicle walls) so we need "vertical extensions" if you will that would allow a user to convert to standing.


asked Aug 2 '11 at 02:35
Dustin Davis
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  • I am sorry Dustin, this is not remotely close to being "on topic" for this board. I did vote to close it, and I would urge you to close it on your own. If you have questions about our scope check out the FAQ. I hope that we can answer questions you might have about the work that you are doing on those desks! – Joseph Barisonzi 13 years ago
  • @Joseph Barisonzi how about you recommend which site this would belong on then? I read the FAQ and it looks like my question is valid since 'Renting an Office' is a valid topic according to the FAQ. My question would fall under that. – Dustin Davis 13 years ago
  • Joseph, I would disagree. While it may not be the *most* on-topic question, Answers.OnStartups has hosted popular discussions on questions like http://answers.onstartups.com/questions/12104/affordable-and-stylish-office-furniture-for-a-startup and http://answers.onstartups.com/questions/6590/best-coffee-machine-for-a-startup Working with leased office space is a startup problem, and I can see this question having relevance for other entrepreneurs. – Jay Neely 13 years ago
  • @Jay Neely -- I am glad for the disagreement. I encourage you to come over to the meta site and see/participate in the conversation about improving the board's questions. Both of the questions that you cite were made explicit to starts ups. There is nothing specific about conversion of a normal desk to a stand-up to the start-up situation which would not be relevant to every possible situation-- thus making the distinction irrelevant and the board';s mission worthless. Fortunately my opinion is only one of many and it takes more than my vote to close a question. – Joseph Barisonzi 13 years ago
  • With 5x as many comments as answers, it may get closed anyway just because of the attention being drawn to it. =) But, I'll make a few more points in the hope it will influence your participation in the meta discussion, in lieu of my own. 1) I don't think "explicit to startups" is a good measure of relevance. All Dustin had to do was say "Basically our startup's office space has..." - He's here, he's a startupper, he doesn't have to be explicit. 2) "Relevant to non-startups" is not as important as "more relevant to startups". Standing desks are big in startup culture. See: http://goo.gl/TtwJqJay Neely 13 years ago

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Depending on the existing height of the desk, I suspect a variety of laptop stands would work for raising a laptop + mouse to standing height, though you may need an additional platform per desk for the mouse.

Desktop machines with a separate monitor and keyboard make things harder, but honestly I would just use a laptop stand for the keyboard + mouse, and go low-tech for the monitor: buy a bunch of cheap, thick books, stack 'em together, and set the monitor on top. Apply duct tape as needed for stability.

(Your question is definitely relevant to startups if the answer involves duct tape.)

answered Aug 2 '11 at 04:48
Jay Neely
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  • Should have been more specific, we're all using dual 19" monitors. I would only have the keyboard, mouse and monitors on the stand. The tower can sit on the real desk. – Dustin Davis 13 years ago
  • Good info. I think my answer stands, in that a laptop stand (there are more expensive adjustable ones for ~$60) would likely be enough to make use of the keyboard and mouse while standing comfortable. As most monitors already tilt / adjust to provide some personal comfort adjustment, you really just need *anything* to set them on and raise them up to eye-level. I'd suggest looking at different file cabinets: http://goo.gl/h79nKJay Neely 13 years ago

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