How do I set up a mailing address /virtual office presence in the USA


My company needs to have a US address for getting insurance and other services from US providers, despite us being based abroad (in Canada).

Can anyone suggest a good provider of an inbound mailing address (e.g. virtual office services, or mail scanners/forwarders)? We need it to be both reasonable in cost and very reliable - good enough for business/legal correspondence, not just for telephone bills.

Hopefully I'm not the first one to have faced this, and perhaps others can benefit from the answers too!

Virtual Workforce Office

asked Feb 19 '10 at 03:08
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  • Michael, which provider did you finally end up with? – Rochb 13 years ago

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I researched this topic about a year ago. If you can visit US, I believe you can set up a mailing address with UPS (complete with a street address, not just a PO box). Then there are "virtual office" providers such as Regus who provide a more "full-service" solution. Then there is EarthClassMail, they have a couple of addresses you can use, too.

answered Feb 19 '10 at 03:18
Tomas Kohl
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  • Yes, you can get a PO box set up if you visit a post office in the US, but that only helps if you can regularly come there and pick up your mail. – Michael 14 years ago
  • Not sure who UPC is, google doesn't give any useful hits. – Michael 14 years ago
  • Oops I meant UPS, UPC is actually a cable TV company here in Europe – Tomas Kohl 14 years ago

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