What Would Be A Fair Way To Pay A Freelance Software Development Tutor Coach In Online Marketplaces?


I have a wordpress development job. I want to implement the job by myself. But since I am not experienced in wordpress development, I want to find a paid tutor to help me in this job.

I plan to find a freelance wordpress development tutor/coach on odesk or elance. I will ask the tutors for two kinds of services:

  • I will ask them open questions to get advice when working on a specific problem.
  • I will ask the tutor to help me to solve an unfinished development task. Maybe, it will be sufficient for him to show me some directions to solve the problem easier but maybe I will need to delegate some tasks to the tutor.

What would be a fair way to pay for this kind of tutoring/help service? I think it won't be fair to reach an agreement on fixed prices. Do you have any recommendations?

Outsourcing Payments

asked Nov 6 '12 at 20:23
Mert Nuhoglu
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Personally, I would charge an hourly rate to provide the knowledge and support for this type of project. You could try to negotiate a fixed rate, but the problem is that some of the information that you would need could be provided very quickly, while there may be problems that you need help with that could be time consuming. Reach out to different tutors/developers and see how they would suggest working together on this project. Some of the online tutoring marketplaces like NextGuru or Tutorspree have tutors for business and technology, which oftenf include programming instruction.

answered Apr 4 '13 at 06:44
Monique Hodgkinson
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