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I have led an established IT-company in Ukraine for several years now. The company's business is in the different fields, including an outsourced software development. Currently I realize that I am capable to gather a team and start a company to successfully carry out a signification projects in .Net development, very cost efficient, on time and with the high quality of an end product.

What I don't know exactly, is that if I am to establish my own software development outsourcing company, where am I going to find my first client for the project? So far a group of investors have handled this in my current company. They have brought an interested contacts, I have been collecting requirements, preparing a commercial offer and the projects were getting started.

If I go private, is there a web site, an online community or business forums (offline) in the US or Europe that I can attend to look for potential clients for software development?

If I get to talk to one, I am sure I can beat the other competitors offers with price, timing and overall presentation of my approach and the company.

Thank you in advance for an advise.

Software Development Outsourcing

asked Sep 26 '11 at 02:43
Maxim V. Pavlov
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  • Online forums makes you compete on a very though market. The best thing is to have local sales people close to the companies you want to sell to. Many companies put out requests through local and established channels and through relationships of varios kind. A good advice would be to seek local salesreps around some area where there are potential clients – Petter 11 years ago

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Maxim, initially I would get started with using some services like:

People post up projects, and you can bid on them and win the right to work on them with your price, timing and overall presentation

That could get you started. My company doesn't outsource or offshore services, but I know we get 5 - 10 calls a week, primarily from India based companies trying to get us to offshore services / projects to them. An interesting angle you could use is find some consulting companies in the US or wherever that do .NET work and offer to do a small project or a little part of a project risk free. If they don't like it, or it doesn't work out they don't pay. If they do, they pay... something like that might be of interest to some companies.

You would have to call upon them and solicit them, which is a lot of work.

Good luck.

answered Sep 26 '11 at 07:26
Ryan Doom
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  • Thank you very much, Ryan. – Maxim V. Pavlov 12 years ago

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