Where can I find a decent Bootstrap web designer?

Bootstrap as in (http://getbootstrap.com/). It seems to me that lately every tech startup I see on TechCrunch has an awesome landing page built in Bootstrap. The "design language" is mostly the same. Clean, well organized and beautiful. It almost seems like there's one designer doing all of them. Where do all these startup designers come from? I've searched dribbble and Behance and couldn't find any, and all of the freelance local designers I find are not very startup-oriented. Surely I'm missing something.

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asked Mar 30 '14 at 01:11
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The key benefit of Bootstrap is that developers can get a nice looking design off the ground without spending a large amount of money on a designer.

That said, the problem with the barebones bootstrap now is that there are far too many sites on the web using it -- and thus all look the same. It's fine in the MVP (minimum viable product) stage, but later on you should strive to create a more unique design language for your app.

If you're still in your MVP stage, I would recommend:

1. Buying a theme from ThemeForest (they're some really great bootstrap themes that'll barely cost you $40).


2. Use one of the following tweaked Bootstrap templates freely available:

  • BootFlat
  • Flat UI (there is also a paid Pro version of it available on DesignModo which I highly recommend)
  • BootSwatch (different color schemes)
  • BlackTie (free themes a designer has made available based on Bootstrap)

Once you are out of your MVP stage (validated the idea), you can indeed find awesome designers on Dribbble. You'd want to pay for their Pro version which gives you access to search for designers based on criteria.


Take a look at DesignModo's Startup Framework. It's well worth the $250. You get everything you need to create sites easily like the examples you posted.

answered Mar 30 '14 at 01:43
Pablo Smeltzer
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