Hiring a quality UX/UI designer for our startup?


We're have a tough time finding any good designers to hire for our startup. Most of the good designers are usually more interested in working at VC funded startups in the valley or more established companies like Apple, Google, Facebook.

How can a self-funded startup attract good designers to join our team?

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asked Jun 10 '15 at 09:55
Keenan Bachelder
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You guys should probably look at these factors:

- Your product (is it 'cool'?)

- Your work enviroment (is it 'fun'?)

- Your payment (not just salary but shares, perks etc).

These are your key points to attract talent and to sell the idea off.

If your product and/or company is not 'sexy' enough to get UI/UX designers to swarm around you like bees on honey, and your monetary situation doesn't allow you to convince talent that green is the way, then I would suggest you look at:

- Freelancers (Freelancer.com etc)

- Remote employees

answered Jun 11 '15 at 12:55
Greif Villum Klausen
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I agree very much with what Greif said. Make sure your company is plenty appetizing to those who might join it. An interesting product to work on and a good work environment make a world of difference.

On top of that though, I'll also make a point that the graphic designer and the UX expert should very rarely be the same person. They're two completely different skill sets. You can have great user experience on a product that looks rather ugly, and you can have awful UX on a pretty product.

Perhaps there's already somebody in your company that can do one of those two things, and you can hire solely for the other. Or perhaps just by breaking it down into two different job positions, you'll more easily be able to fill each role, because the candidates know they don't have to cross boundaries into something they aren't as good at. (And if you happen find somebody who's good at both in the process, you can hire them to do both.)

answered Jun 11 '15 at 13:54
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If you are looking for good designers to hire for your startup, I'd recommend you to check those guys: http://turumburum.com/cases/badenbaden.html

1) They do their work in time

2) Price is under $35 per hour

3) The communication level is high.

answered Jul 14 '17 at 11:18
Viktor Dmytrenko
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If it is web-related ux/ui design, this is something I do.. I'll give you a brief background of how my background can relate to your question..

As I currently stand, I am opening my own start-up but there is no other opportunity I would like more than to work alongside another start-up to gain knowledge and experience on how others manage their staff, workload and so on.. Obviously by this I mean, I would be assisting you with work and in turn you would be allowing me to access the knowledge needed and to view the experience I would need when starting my own start-up.. However, the only issue with this is that it wouldn't be a perminant role, obviously once I was nearing my start-up stage I would have to drift away and focus on my own priorities..

Personal example aside, what I am getting is that it may be best to search for those after experience > pay / pride of working for larger companies and focus on those who aren't bothered about the latter.

I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned previously (sorry being super lazy here) about hiring externally or temporary but from personal experience, it's always better to get someone on board who is willing to dedicate time towards the company and put more than just typical work effort into the company.

answered Jun 11 '15 at 17:52
Reece Matthews
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The best solution for you would be to get a designer working for you on the basis of outstaffing model. Mobilunity can offer you great Ukrainian UI and UX developers for hire at very competitive rates. Since 2010 our company has been successfully helping startups like yours to find developers and designers. We can help you solve your problem, feel free to check out what we can offer you.

answered Nov 8 '17 at 08:54
Anastasia Stefanuk
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UX design is a thing, which allows the users to orientate within an application in a simple and easy manner. However, sometimes, the beginning developers sometimes do not understand, what is a crucial role of that thing within their extensions and applications. So, in that article we will try to deal with that mistake and show the readers, how important and influential is the idea of the creation of a good UX design.

answered Apr 4 '18 at 05:59
Vladislav Pshenychka
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