How to find a raw material supplier?


We have just started a company which produces polypropylene pipes and fitings for water supply and heating. Thus we are searching for a reliable raw material supplier (i.e. polypropylene manufacturers). Simple googling for it doesn't work very well. Are there any serious B2B-oriented sites where I can search for a supplier? Or may be there are any other way of finding a contractor on the Net that you know?

Thanks in advance!

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asked Sep 25 '10 at 08:13
Alexey Kalmykov
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There are a number of companies which provide directories of companies making products and supplying materials.

The Thomas Register is US one. Most countries probably have a similar dominant publisher in this area dating from the print era.

Governments also typically have lists of suppliers. e.g. the Canadian government has a site with lists of suppliers and industries. (Drill down a bit into resources for businesses).

Trade commissioners/departments of foreign embassies are generally there to help exporters to find markets for their products. These can sometimes be helpful, and sometimes downright rude.

Ali Baba is a market place for manufacturers which gets a lot of mentions.

And once you have found something, the Google "Search Similar" feature may help you find other directories/suppliers.

Good luck googling or binging!

answered Sep 29 '10 at 04:56
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I would suggest use a combination of Google + telephone directory + any other yellow pages for local suppliers . For a more global approach you are kind of stuck to Google unless you can source a directory :-) .Networking is great help as usual. If you have competitors try finding information on their suppliers , even if you do not get the same supplier there is a good chance someone will connect you to another.

answered Sep 25 '10 at 15:33
Ravi Vyas
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  • The problem is that there is no good local suppliers and I need to search in foreign countries – Alexey Kalmykov 13 years ago
  • Then your best bet is networking + Google . Try using linkedin , – Ravi Vyas 13 years ago


Try talking to others in your industry and ask who they are buying from. Network with others in your industry via Linkedin or other networking sites.

answered Sep 29 '10 at 09:51
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