Finding non-technical partners in the UK?


I have been kicking around a few web-based ideas for sometime now. I have a background in technology and though I'm not a web design or development specialist I have been able to create basic mockups. There appear to be a number of avenues for finding technicians to help me improve this area.

My question is more about finding the non-technical specialists such as sales, marketing, business development, finance and day to day operations.

Any ideas ?

Partner UK

asked Nov 28 '09 at 03:24
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Have you thought about using a business coach?

I have been working with Action Coach ( for several years, and they really helped me with all the non-technical stuff.

They are all over the country, but my personal coach is Andy Sleet:

The other avenue is networking: There will be networking events in your town, so you can meet entrepreneurs like you, and you can discuss your issues.

And don't worry, most businesses start with the technical expertise (Because it is where the idea is coming from) and struggle with the rest (which takes a lot more time than we all first assume when we start!).

answered Dec 3 '09 at 01:30
Guillaume Justier
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I would suggest attending university entrepreneur group events. The Said Business School @ Oxford hosts some great lectures where you'll be able to network with the kind of people you're looking for.

answered Nov 28 '09 at 04:22
Henry The Hengineer
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You should consider getting involved with an event such as Launch48 or Startup Weekend, that will allow you to pitch your idea to a wider audience and attract technical and commercial people. (And if your idea isn't selected, you can learn and refine your pitch, and build your contact base by working on someone else's idea for a weekend!)

More relaxed starting points are the various meetup networks where entrepreneurs, technical and commercial specialists and funders mix. If you're in London, OpenCoffee is probably the best starting point, in Cambridge start with Pitch and Mix, and so on.

answered Dec 21 '10 at 23:01
Jeremy Parsons
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