Free and Effective Places to List a Startups Site?


I am hoping to get suggestions to where it is possibly to get linked from and/or get your business listed for free?

I know of which is decent. Any other suggestions?


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asked Mar 26 '11 at 05:54
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  • Listing a startup is pretty useless unless you target the people you hope will use it/buy it. – Tim J 13 years ago
  • The question was where it is possible to get a start-up listed. Not whether that is a good idea or not. – Genadinik 13 years ago

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answered Mar 27 '11 at 11:48
Joseph Fung
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  • These are very good. I have no idea why someone gave a down vote. I just up-voted. – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • Joseph, seems like you really know your stuff. Have you had experience promoting a start-up before? – Genadinik 13 years ago
  • Thanks for the up-vote - and yes, a bit. I'm on my 4th right now, and I hope that over my trials + errors, that some good ideas have stuck! :) – Joseph Fung 13 years ago


@Tim makes a critical point here. There seems to be a bubble of activity around startups and services helping startups like all these sites listed. Frankly, the only people interested in reading these is more than not likely investors. So unless you're at a point you want to attract investors, I suggest focusing on your target customers for marketing.

answered Mar 28 '11 at 04:40
David Benson
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  • I am pretty sure investors don't read much of that stuff. Its low quality. Good investors learn about opportunities from recommendations. The cool thing about these sites are a tiny bit of exposure and links. Why not get them if you can since they link to early sites :) – Genadinik 13 years ago

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