Free human based domain name appraisers?


I have a few domain names I want to sell but have no idea how much I can get from each. I am too cheap to pay $30 to Sedo or AfterNic for their appraisal service. I also don't want to use the automated ones which depend on Google PR, back links.. etc.

So are there free services which give free appraisals from volunteers who know a thing or two about domain names? Kinda like a crowd sourcing service.


asked Jul 17 '10 at 09:40
Tony Henrich
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Go to There's a message board where people will give you ideas as to what your domains are worth. It's not an official appraisal, but they're pretty good and giving ballpark figures.

Note: Unfortunately, most domains aren't worth as much as people think.

answered Jul 19 '10 at 22:53
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Professional web developer here: most domains are worth next to nothing. The ones that are worth something:

  • Are single, common words related to a very active sales market (,, etc)

  • Have established histories, so there are old links and existing page rank lying around to give a sizable head start in building something new, or better yet, continuing the old (with the already-established community).
If neither of those describe your domain, it is worth $10 or less. (I'll bump to $25 if it is unusually cute and you find the just right buyer.)
answered Nov 14 '10 at 14:55
Hedge Mage
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  • You are wrong. Domain price is the price you can negotiate with the previous owner. Those domains that can be purchased for $10 a mostly worthless. There are 1 word domains, and many 2-3 word domains that are useful for doing online business. – Ross 13 years ago


Knowledgeable people rarely do some work for free. You can use estibot. It basically use ML algorithms trained on historical data collected from auctions to estimate the domain price.

Edit: I forgot to add, that you can use some of the popular domain name forums. For example have Appraisal section.

answered Oct 14 '10 at 16:39
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