Fresh startup and hard thing what to do next, no ideas


I have fresh software product startup (4 months after end of beta).

I have a problem with making more money from that, i have from
4 last months almost constant income from that and this not satisfy me.

I have one advertising deal where i pay 1$ CPC and have 100% ROI from this deal.
But i can't find any other sites for setup similar deal because small sites
in my marketplace don't answering on my mails (because are disbanded) or
offering me high prices in scale of what they want to give me in deal.

Big sites in marketplace have big prices, probably this prices are cost-efficient,
but this is out of my financial range at this point.

I trying get visitors from google but positioning on this phases is very paid,
i dont have money for that too and this taking many time.

Another problem is Facebook and Google AdWords, i want setup some visitors
tunnel from that i will have positive ROI, i probably will do that but i cant
because my software is for poker players (for help them play) and in facebook
TOS is writed gambling sites and prohibited but software may be allowed, problem
is this people who validating this ads discards them thinking this is a gambling site.
On AdWords this is prohibited too, but probably in complete.

I dont have almost nothing visitors on my site but i making on this i think
nice amount of money in relation to visitors count. I see similar softwares
on marketplace and his position is good because he in average worked on
advertising and positioning from around 2004 and they it looks like this companies
solving now other problems and dont investing in developing this products,
i have better solution but less compatible, i can work on that but i must
have more money, i have happy customers that say my software is better than competition one.

Last month i setup'ed affiliate program (trying solve marketing problem), but i can't
find any customers for that that fails too. I have person who trying engage in that in
deal get back 10% from every affiliate that he setuped, 30% is for affiliate, 60% for me.
But he mailed some amount of sites, respond will be small (disbanded small sites) big are
not in target of that. He left that idea and i currently have dead affiliate program and finding person who take similar deal and try this again.

I'm working to solve this problem (goal: double-up income) from about 3 months (thining in general and trying, i have other job, dont working on this full-time) and i want to know what other people thinking about that. I'm in very strange position with that
because my startup is recognizing as gambling related by advertising policies.

Can someone tell me something what help me with that?

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If your site is not a gambling site but it's getting rejected from advertising vendors because it is a gambling site, then you just need to write to them and hope to get the decision overturned. I wouldn't give up because their automated system knocked you back.

As for some other ways to get more traffic:

  • Work hard on SEO. Organic search visitors is the most profitable and sustainable way to get visitors, it's not easy, but hard work will pay off.
  • Find forums that poker players visit and find ways to make posts there about your product without being too spammy. If there is a need for your product, there are probably already posts asking where to find a solution like yours.
  • Blog about topics interesting to poker players, this will bring them to your site and maybe they will stay to look around.
  • Find out if there are any poker publications (either internet sites or physical magazines), perhaps you can get a writer to do an article about your product if you can find a story in it.
  • Attend poker events and network as much as possible, hopefully have some cards or something to give out too.
  • Offer some sort of benefit to your existing happy customers if they refer a friend.
answered Dec 24 '11 at 11:06
Joel Friedlaender
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