How do I get to entrepreneurs?


How do I reach out to the entrepreneurs all over the world easily?

Here's the thing. I am (along with a team of entrepreneurs too) working on a project that is supposed to match people together.

The general concept of this idea is that there's a lot of unemployed people in the world, and people who have skills/offers and needs, but can't find people who are in need of their services, or people that can deliver services they (themselves) need. We want to match these people together, to form the perfect teams, and make them meet new people.

Based on skill/service transactions, entrepreneurs generate karma points that tell them how good they are at what they are doing, and how high their products are in terms of quality.

Do you know any websites that could help me in terms of spreading the word?

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asked Nov 13 '11 at 22:18

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I like the suggestion posted earlier for posting up a form to sign up on your site before you have it fully developed. Once your site is up you will need critical mass to keep attracting more users so promote aggressively - post a press release with maximum distribution options, demo your site on events (, Techcrunch Disrupt, small business conferences) and try to get coverage in media outlets covering business and technology. If you struggle getting exposure with "leg work", try a low budget campaign on Google's AdWords platform and target ads to sites that have your target audience.

Totally side comment: read this post by Joel on strategy for companies that rely on mass participation Good Luck!

answered Feb 14 '12 at 22:51
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There are lots of sites out there. I know of this one in the EU Dreamstake. You could partner with a group like this. You will need to offer something different to get real traction.

answered Nov 15 '11 at 09:15
Jon Slinn
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I have had success with, would your service be like this one? Granted that this site is a free for all and not necessarily a matching tool like you are proposing.

Maybe you could advertise on Facebook groups that cater to entrepreneurs? Plus I would think that you could advertise on entrepreneurial sites but that could be expensive.

If I were trying to reach a certain demographic but my site wasn't ready yet I would put up a generic sign up page on my main site page while the actual content was under construction asking for the entrepreneur's email address asking them to join on a preliminary basis and when the site is ready you can email advertise to your collected group. Doing this you will be leveraging an asset, your domain name, while your content is still being developed.

Good Luck,
Tim - VA

answered Dec 16 '11 at 00:00
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