Where can I get a reliable writing service for EULA and licensing agreements?


I would like them to rewrite and create my own through the samples that I will copy from my competitor's website.

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asked May 7 '11 at 04:24
Andy Carlson
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Outright copying from a competitor is just bad style. OK, you say you'll have them re-written, so you're probably not directly infringing on copyright for the terms & contracts themselves, but still.

You can find plenty of past debates of these topics on this site:

I'd say the answer remains the same -- either go to a qualified lawyer, or re-use one of the sample documents that is openly licensed for such use. You can find several links above.

Lastly, only a qualified lawyer can really educate you on the legal risks relevant to your type of business. EULA's and licensing agreements are more complex legal documents, I would not recommend to create these without the assistance of a qualified lawyer.

answered May 7 '11 at 05:45
Jesper Mortensen
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There's a company called Pre-Paid Legal. Basically they are legal insurance.

Now they're no replacement for having a legal department, but for a small company they are really very useful for the very cheap prices.

Most of their clients never actually rely much on their service which pays for outsourcing certain lawyers when someone does actually call them up. Anyway something like a EULA is very straight-forward for them. I had used them in the past to help get some basic things done during the process of incorporating and drawing up some basic business documents.

I don't know of any similar companies in the US but I believe there are a few in Europe.

Also, +1 Jesper. Really, basing a license off the LGPL is not terribly difficult and usually works just fine.

answered May 7 '11 at 05:51
Garet Claborn
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