What's a good job title for the CTO's right hand person?


I'm currently the de facto right hand person of the CTO of a small company. Our tasks include:

  • Working on important projects and towards important deadlines (we're the most technical/experienced developers so that just ends up happening)
  • Making technical decisions if the team cannot agree
  • Making final product decisions (i.e. what gets in and what won't)
  • Managing all technical employees (including hiring/firing/salary decisions)
  • Recruiting technical employees

We make all of these decisions together, except when one of us in not there, then the other person makes them alone. At the end of the day, the CEO is still one step above me, so should we disagree, he'd get his way. Still, in practice, we share the role.

We've been looking for a job title for me that communicates this relationship for a while now, but couldn't come up with anything. Any ideas?

Edit: Realised that I forgot one important thing we do: Making final product decisions. Nothing goes in or out without our OK basically.


asked Dec 11 '13 at 03:35
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How about Technical Director or Chief Architect?

answered Dec 11 '13 at 05:15
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"working on important projects and towards important deadlines" is a bit meaningless. We all work on important projects etc.. If the project we were working on wasn't important we'd be employed by google ... or assigned a different task.

"Making technical decisions" - not enough info here as even a regular dev makes technical decisions on an hourly basis.

The latter two about managing and recruiting employees are key and indicate you are a "Development Manager" or similar.

answered Dec 11 '13 at 06:07
Chris Lively
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  • Well, granted, everything is important, let me put it that way: Things that need to get done in the short term. – Futlib 9 years ago
  • @futlib: :) I didn't know there was any timeline other than Right Now... – Chris Lively 9 years ago

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