What are good travel sites or online communities for small developers on the road?


What is/are the best website(s) for travel advice for developers that need to work on the road with a laptop in tow?

For instance, if I am traveling through Michigan, what sites or online communities give the best advice on hotels (rates, location, safety, work desk), Wi-Fi (open, fast, always up, cost) and other necessary business services (fax machine, meeting space, etc) whether I'm in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, or New Buffalo. It's easier to find these things in big cities like Detroit, but I also want to know about smaller areas that have less frequent business travelers.

I don't care about hotel pools and luxuries. I care about whether I can get work done at a real desk in my room, if Wi-Fi is plentiful and uninterrupted, and that my laptop won't get stolen if I head out for a bit. In my case, at any given time I will be working on code remotely, attending a Skype tele-conference, and I need a decent desk or meeting room once and a while.

Problems I frequently run into are rooms without a real desk (ergonomics matter), Wi-Fi that blocks certain ports or slugs along like dial-up, or where business services are priced for corporate travelers with larger expense accounts.

So, I'm looking for a travel info source specifically for developers. Any suggestions?

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asked Dec 1 '10 at 16:03
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Personally what I find is that using Expedia is still the best tool overall for a nationwide look. For each of the hotels they do collect the information, the onely one that I find that is not consistent is Wi-Fi availability, but honestly it is so flaky, that I invested in a Verizon Mi-Fi to ensure that the internet isn't a question. (This is very cost effective if you do a lot of traveling in locations where free Wi-Fi isn't available).

answered Dec 2 '10 at 02:41
Mitchel Sellers
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YELP! Nothing beats local user reviews on places to eat, hotels, and businesses when you are new to an area. This is not specific to developers, but then again, arent developers just normal people?

answered Dec 2 '10 at 03:32
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  • Normal people, sure. But do developers necessarily have the same needs as most travelers? I don't feel that way. Developers need a "station" to get work done, and not all travel spots provide the same "station" amenities. – Wrburgess 13 years ago

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