What is the hardest part of link building for you?

We know that having links pointing to our site is important but easier said then done! What is the hardest part of link building for you? Hopefully we can help one another out.

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asked Feb 19 '14 at 06:14
Benjamin Beck
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#1 Finding opportunities to obtain high quality links (.edu, .gov, high PR). Most of the advanced link building work is highly manual and is typically based on email outreach with unpredictable ROI. I pretty much avoid advanced link building tactics and focus on quality content creation and promotion through social networks (this lands be good links naturally).

#2 Old links are constantly expiring at different rates and while there are tools that will show you expiring links after it happens you can not predict a loss spike ahead of time and try and make up for it. Thus, links have to be acquired on a very steady and consistent basis.

Just to clarify - directory submissions, profile creation, commenting on blogs - these tactics I consider basic and not what I am referring to above.

answered Feb 19 '14 at 22:59
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  • Thanks Webbie! I completely agree that in order to get quality links it takes quality content! The problem that can happen though is that you invest the money into great content and then no one links to it! Here is how I find content to create that will get links 1) Find broken links on target site resource pages 2) Check to see if broken link content still exists 3) If content doesn't exist anymore find what it was on http://archive.org/web/ 4) Re-create content & reach out to all of the places that link to broken content letting them know that the content is now at your url. – Benjamin Beck 10 years ago
  • Ha! What you suggest is exactly the kind of tactic I was referring to. Creating good content isn't enough - you have to promote it as well. I have no problem getting links to good content I add with adequate outreach on social networks (I operate on 5). – Webbie 10 years ago


The problem that I see many marketers face is that they think too much about acquiring links rather than earning links, no this might sound hypy however if they start investing in creating link bait campaigns and creating content assets that will attract links, shares and mentions.

This change in mindset will move marketers away from strategies that have short lifespan :)

answered Feb 19 '14 at 09:16
Salman Aslam
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