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I have recently started reading the blog and I feel it has been really helpful and helped me anticipate problems that I would not have foreseen otherwise. My question is related to the decision of outsourcing all my work or hiring my own team initially after the launch of my website.
My website has just completed and I was using one company for software development and another for Social Media marketing. I felt that the outsourced company is usually not as motivated about the product as the founder and this leads to delays. Another issue is the coordination between the Social media manager and the software company leading to lot of wasted energy. Also, I feel that outsourcing slows down the work significantly.
Please guide me whether to hire my own team or not at this stage as I am feeling little frustrated and there is a sense of lack of control of the project on my part.
The costs are slightly higher for the in house team.
Help would be much appreciated.

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asked Jan 31 '13 at 00:52
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Generally speaking I think you should decide if it's your core business or not.

Are you a software company... you should probably do software development in house. Is SEO what you want your business to be about? If not, then outsource that component.

Work out what it is you do, build the appropriate team internally to achieve that and then outsource other services that aren't core business.

answered Jan 31 '13 at 14:16
Joel Friedlaender
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There are advantages and disadvantages, you must weigh the two and find what works for you. As you said there is usually loss of control if you outsource. I have a small business myself and after much thought I decided to outsource my IT support and I also rent most of my IT equipment.

Below are the pros and cons I have noticed. You can apply these to your situation.


  1. Right to use the latest in technology
  2. Guarantee of high quality staff
  3. Savings on costs
  4. High quality of staff
  5. Flexibility of services
  1. Exposing of classified information
  2. Loss of control
  3. Employee morale may decrease
  4. Buried costs (believe me,these can drown you)
answered Jan 31 '13 at 01:21
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