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I am looking to start advertising my online fast food ordering website on the internet and I am looking for some ideas on how to do this for free, for the mean time.

I currently have no money I can use for google ads or facebook ads etc (this will change in the next few months).

I also don't want to just spam forums/people or anything unethical.

Anyone have any other methods or will I just have to wait until I get some money?



asked Apr 5 '11 at 04:31
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Maybe you should not advertise online at all? I am not so sure that your thoughts should be so much around hungry internet users. Maybe you should make a deal with the fast food restaurants instead? You could get them to advertise for you. At least you know that your target audience will frequently visit one of those restaurants, and ordering over the internet is something everyone can do. Give the restaurants an incentive in return.

answered Apr 5 '11 at 04:42
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  • +1 David, that's true. I don't think I've ever ordered online from an online advertisement. The most effective advertising in this case is Refrigerator Magnets. People going to the fridge are the target market! – Laith 13 years ago
  • What a clever way! – David 13 years ago


Can I get a free lunch from your website?

I will assume no. Because time and resources cost money.

There is no free advertising available on the internet for your business. It will take either time to learn and implement the skills associated with leveraging search engine marketing, or it will take money to contract with people who have developed those skills.

Who is your target customer of your business? Who will pay the bills? If the individual consumer is going to pay to order their fast food online then they are the customer. Make some flyers and start going door to door in the markets you serve.

If it is the fast food restaurant that will be paying for you bringing them customer -- then start door knocking and see if you can land a customer or two that will pay. Put the money into developing the business.

answered Apr 5 '11 at 05:41
Joseph Barisonzi
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  • I might add that whilst you can advertise online for free, it isn't worthwhile and would probably reflect badly on your business. – Anonymous 12 years ago


My suggestions are based on what I have seen with my own website, online advertising can be split up into paid and unpaid advertising. Google Adwords is the best paid advertising scheme and should be used by all webmasters in my opinion. I also recently came across , it has helped me promote my website for free - most webmasters will be able to find some value in both of these websites.

answered Feb 7 '13 at 17:07
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Nothing is entirely FREE, there is always a trade off. And that is likely to be your time instead!

I'd suggest these two paths as "free" (in terms of money):

a) social media, be there!
b) seo, organic search traffic is "free". Best way to get started is optimise your current site and get started blogging!

answered Jun 2 '12 at 02:30
Matthew Galloway
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For anyone looking for truly free advertising, it exists! Here are some examples:

  1. Google offers $75 in free advertising on all new accounts - most accessible/available
  2. Microsoft AdCenter has offers similar to google, but mostly offered through affiliate sites
  3. Facebook ran a promotion in Feb-Mar 2012 for up to $150 in free advertising credit.
  4. I got offers from both Twitter and LinkedIn to sign up for advertising credits.

For anyone who is still building their first product - go sign up for accounts at every social network and/or blogging platform (this helps reserving accounts with the name you want too). As some businesses roll out new programs, they will be inviting users to participate in their beta runs. Also, launch your homepage with a sign-up form and start collecting emails in anticipation of your product launch.

Lastly, I don't find Facebook advertising highly effective - the clicks cost 3 times what I pay on Google AdWords and I don't see too many conversions. If/when you decide to spend real money I suggest Google Adwords as you get the most comprehensive analytics with it as well, which helps you learn. Bing/Yahoo is cheaper than Google, but can be too low volume to have statistically meaningful results and data isn't as detailed as on Google platform.

answered Jun 4 '12 at 16:09
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