How to improve the conversion rate of a software?


We have introduced a new software.It has been only 25 days since the launch,we have got only a single sale.I'm just concerned about the conversion rate.What can i do to improve the conversion rate?

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asked Aug 9 '12 at 13:53
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  • Have you had [5 people within your target market]( that have never used the site before to complete a sell using the site? Do you ask for the sell on the homepage? How many clicks/forms are required to complete a sell? – Blunders . 11 years ago
  • @blunders we do not have a Buy button on the homepage there is a download button which leads to the download page.There is Order Link on the Homepage – Techno 11 years ago
  • @blunders Order>Buy button>Secure Store Order Button>order form – Techno 11 years ago
  • What is the difference between ordering the software using the order button, and downloading the software using the download button. How many downloads have you had? Also, you didn't answer my question if you had done any user testing to confirm it is even reasonable to expect that the average user is able to complete an order. Did you do user testing, and if so, how and what were the results? – Blunders . 11 years ago
  • @blunders No user testing had been done – Techno 11 years ago
  • How many people have visited your site? You're worried about the conversion rate, but you don't give us any idea on what your conversion rate might be. How many people besides you have visited your site? How many stuck around for longer than a few seconds? 1 purchase in 3 visitors is probably pretty good. 1 purchase in 10,000 is not. – rbwhitaker 10 years ago

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What you really need is to improve your sales. Conversion rate can be only one of many problems crippling your sales.

As it is impossible to advise you without knowing details of your situation (there might be loads of separate reasons or even some more complex combinations of reasons) I would point your attention to one type of quite a widespread online sale mistake.

You should remove any obstacles which stop prospect customers from 'touching' your product. The moment you put a product in clients' hands they start to play with it and become 'emotionally invested'. There is a reason why products on the shalves are not boxed and one can hop into a car at a local car dealership.

You should avoid registrations (account setup), ask for demo forms, etc. Just let them use it and if they find it useful charge them for it.


answered Aug 10 '12 at 17:04
  • Thanks for the tips – Techno 11 years ago


First of all, you need to understand if it's the conversion rate, or traffic rate which is the biggest problem.

If in 25 days you had only a single visitor to your site and you got a single sale, you need to work on getting more traffic to your product/site.

If, on the other hand, you had a million visitors, you definitely need to work on the conversion side of things.

There's a huge amount of questions to ask, but if you focus on these, you'll start in the right direction:

  • Do you understand who your target market is?
  • Do you understand their problem?
  • Do you understand how your product solves their problem?
  • Does your website articulate these understandings in a way that makes buying your product a "no brainer" decision?
answered Aug 9 '12 at 21:00
Nick Stevens
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Assuming you have some real traffic to your web site...

  1. Improve the web site. Have someone other than you or your team go through it and see if you make a compelling sales pitch. Stress benefits, not features. Why should your customer buy this product?
    1. Improve the sales process. Have someone (other than you) check out the buy process. Is it easy? Does it include only the minimum steps needed to buy? Do you accept all forms of payment? Can someone order by check, PO, credit card, fax???
    2. Do you offer a trial version of the software? If so, does the trial offer a compelling reason to buy and does it present a professional image of your firm and software?
    3. Do you have a Buy Now button? Does the button take you straight to a purchase page? Do you have a price next to the button? Do you list the operating systems your program works with next to the button and the file size?
    4. Do you force the user to download a trial before they can purchase? That will cut your conversions by a huge amount.
answered Aug 9 '12 at 14:11
Gary E
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  • Thanks for the tips – Techno 11 years ago


You can use A/B testing.
But, first, make sure you have enough traffic.
Because the average conversion rate in software is ~2%, you will need > 100 to get another customer.
After getting traffic, you can A/B test with your page layout and see what happens.
Before they leave your website, make sure that you micro-convert them as newsletter subscribers with some interactions.

After that, make sure you trigger some emails reminding them about what they are missing and giving them some trials, etc. After that repeat, attract, optimize, hook.

answered Jul 29 '13 at 20:21
Valentin Radu
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Maybe survey your current customer or email them to find out how it's going or issues they've had?

answered Sep 12 '13 at 07:56
Efficient Leader
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