What would you do with a key influencer in your space if they loved your product?


Let's say one of THE key influencers in your space loves your product. They write books, have a radio show, give lots of speeches. They've asked you what they can do to help. What type of things would you want to do with them?

  • Be the radio voice for your commercials.
  • Incorporate your product into their speeches as appropriate.
  • Have them contribute educational content on your site related to the space your product is in.
  • Endorse your product.
  • Include it in future books that are relevant.
  • Use your product in some visible way.
  • Have you as a guest on their radio show.

What else???

Would love any and all suggestions...and out of the box is great.


asked May 20 '10 at 15:21
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  • A bit more detail about the kind of product would be helpful in answering your question. – Susan Jones 14 years ago
  • The product is a tool for eBay sellers to create, design and manage their eBay listings as well as share them on your social network. You can see it at www.pagemage.comChris 14 years ago

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Include a link on their website.

Mention you in a blog.

Allow you to drop their name on your site/blog.

Whatever they do for you could be huge; what are you going to do for them?

answered May 20 '10 at 21:31
Jeff O
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  • "What I'm going to do for them" is certainly a key question too. They're already so well known within my target audience. I can promote them to my users in various ways but I wonder how appealing that really is. Brainstorming.... – Chris 14 years ago
  • You might be surprised at how many people come to them with their hand out and make no effort to do anything in return. Even a simple 'thank you' gets forgotten. Send a thank you and ask if you can create a link, mention them on your site (get permission to include how they helped you.). – Jeff O 14 years ago


Whatever they do about it, they should do it online.

Information on the web is permanent... it will be there for years to come, and will reach a bigger share of eyeballs that no book or commercial can compete with.

If he writes books and speaks at presentations and events, he probably has a website where he promotes his stuff. That's where you want him to talk about you.

The here rule is simple: Create 1 piece of content and the refurbish it!

Here's how it works: Whatever he writes or say about you should be used to create several different types of content that you can use online.

For example: He mentions you in a talk to 500 people. The ideal thing is for him to include his opinion in the slide deck he uses in the presentation, and then upload it into SlideShare... and you should tape his talk and upload the video on places like YouTube or Vimeo... and maybe even transform that into a podcast .... and write a couple of blog posts in your blog (and communities where your product/company is relevant).

All this content will have to be SEO optimized so that people looking for 1) his opinions and reviews, or 2) for the type of products you sell; find it and see it.

Hope this helps

answered May 21 '10 at 22:22
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All the ideas here are pretty good, IMO. I especially like your idea of being on the person's radio show.

You can also use a quote from that person as a testimonial to put on your site.

answered May 21 '10 at 23:52
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