What to do with leads on Linked IN?


We generated several leads on Linked IN through the ad campaign of our API. Verified that those are not bots. What should be the next step?

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asked Apr 30 '13 at 06:56
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  • I assume if they are "leads" then you have something to sell or offer them. So... sell them something. – Ryan Doom 7 years ago

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Why run an ad campaign if you're not going to contact them? Your leads responded by saying they want to know more about your business. They want to be contacted. The first step is enter them into your database or mailing list. Second step is to call or email them so you can solve their problems with your product or service.

answered Apr 30 '13 at 14:01
La Shon Anthony
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  • @Ryan Doom That's confusing since: I run ads on API with the pricing landing page and 'buy now' options. So if he would want to buy it, then he would already bought it, no? Mailing list is good advise, thanks Anthony! I just want to figure out whether he is a "potential customer" or just a casual "visitor"... Maybe a direct question to him is fair enough as well. – Max81 7 years ago
  • In my opinion, a "casual visitor" would not request information. They just stop by, read a bit, and bounce off the page(s). Maybe the visitor wants to buy, but was interrupted or distracted or late for an appointment and had to exit. This doesn't mean they weren't interested. – La Shon Anthony 7 years ago


@max81 The next step is to "Qualify" the lead ... by qualification, i mean confirm whether it's someone who fits into the following criteria (at least these, you can add more):

  1. They have a clear need that matches what your solution provides
  2. They have a defined project for which they have this need (i.e. they're not just browsing)
  3. They have a defined budget (i.e. you know they won't go away saying they don't have money after you've spent time giving them your time and energy)
  4. They are willing to work with you (i.e. they are not just fishing for information for a competitor)
  5. They have purchasing authority. (HT to GaryE for pointing this).

Once you've got a lead qualified, working with them to close the sale is not only smoother, but also more fun and rewarding for both parties involved. It's better for you to stop pursuing them if they're not qualified leads and spend that time with a real potential customer instead.

answered May 1 '13 at 07:14
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  • You left out:5. They have purchasing authority. It does little good to work with people who aren't authorized to buy. – Gary E 7 years ago
  • @GaryE good point .. – Dg3781 7 years ago
  • OK, our follow up was: "Thank you for responding! Would you or your company be interested in our API? It allows real-time domain malware scan and scanned domains database query for blacklisting check. Please see plans here: [link to plans&pricing page] If your company would like a special quote then we need more details on your web security requirements. As well, we would like to add your email to our newsletter mailing list. Would you be interested? " – Max81 7 years ago
  • His answer: "Yes, we're interested in your API. Will evaluate it and get back to you"... no new account had been created since then. I guess he plans to do it in future. Or not) So this is all the updates on first run of linked IN leads... Thanks everyone for tips! – Max81 7 years ago
  • Well, if any of the responses helped you, it would be good for you to mark the answers so that future visitors can actually find this information useful. @max81 – Dg3781 7 years ago

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