Who would you like to listen to/ask questions of?


I wanted to get some suggestions from others in the Answers.Onstartups community on who the Startup Success Podcast should seek out to interview.

Which people have you've read, listened to at a conference, watched on a video and thought, "damn, I want to hear more about what they have to say about startups?"

Can't promise we will get them (although we've been pretty successful - interviewed Seth Godin for this week's show), but I'll try.

And if you like someone else's suggestion, please add a ++1 as a comment.



asked Feb 25 '10 at 05:47
Bob Walsh
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  • If people are suggesting multiple interviewees, a +1 for specific ones would probably be helpful in addition to a vote up. – Jay Neely 14 years ago
  • Bob, if you succeed in getting any of the people suggested in this thread on the podcast, I'd personally be in favor of a "Tell Answers.OnStartups" thread announcing it. – Jay Neely 14 years ago
  • Jay - we got an amazing interview with Dan Pink done Sunday, and are working on several of the people below. We have a tentative commitment from Jessica Livingston in April. Anyone who can warm intro us to any of these people? It would greatly help. – Bob Walsh 14 years ago

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1. Jessica Livingston It'd be great to hear Jessica Livingston, author of Founders at Work, talk about her experiences at YCombinator. Most of the interviews / talks I've heard from her are about her book, which is very good, but I've heard it already! :-)

From what I understand, she provides some invaluable advice at YC, and it'd be great to hear her stories of those startups, and (in her position as a YC applicant interviewer), her thoughts on the larger startupper population.

2. Rand Fishkin Founder / face of SEOMoz, everytime I've seen Rand talk about SEO, I've been impressed about how good of a communicator he is. I've read a few posts on their blog about SEOmoz as a startup, but it'd be great to hear his thoughts specifically on:

  • the journey to establishing your company as the authoritative service / voice in an industry.
  • how to deal with working in an industry that's a highly sought after service, valuable and legitimate when done right, but filled with charlatans and receiving a ton of bad / mixed press because of it.
  • running a company that's very dependent on companies higher in the food chain (search engines themselves, in their case). Dealing with sudden changes, getting accurate data, and trying to provide consumers with clear answers when the search engines above them are trying to keep the truth obfuscated.
3. Scott Kirnser Not a startup founder, but a journalist that writes the Innovation Economy blog and a column for the Boston Globe. Scott has a significant platform of his own for his thoughts on startups, but he's usually either reviewing a specific startup, writing on the larger economic picture, or discussing venture capital.

It'd be interesting to have someone else asking the questions, and see what he has to say about successful startups, startup journalism, and how different cities are making different names for themselves within the startup world.

answered Feb 25 '10 at 08:23
Jay Neely
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  • David Cohen (of TechStars). I heard him on another podcast I think. It was interesting to hear him and from there I visited TechStart.sorg and watched the videos, etc.

    I'd love to hear his thoughts/ideas about how to replicate some or all of the seed/incubator kind of thing they are doing.

  • Anyone from the Kauffman Foundation
  • Someone from Apple to explain why some of the policies in the "made for iPod" program exist - specifically the severely limiting bit about devices that plug-in to iPOd/iPhone/iPad are limited to work with only one app. (I can spout about this more if needed)
  • Miguel de Icaza. I have found him to be entertaining, witty, funny and interesting. I've enjoyed all the podcasts I've listened to which have had him as a guest and was thrilled to see him at the Boston Stack Overflow DevDays event.

(My apologies if you already had David or someone from Kauffman on)

answered Feb 25 '10 at 06:06
Tim J
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  • Shawn Broderick, the TechStars Boston lead is also an interesting, insightful guy. Particularly relevant to your interest in the seed/incubator model, he's been in the position of getting TechStars going just as YCombinator left Boston. - http://www.techstars.org/mentors/sbroderick/Jay Neely 14 years ago


  • Jason Calacanis
  • Joel Spolsky
answered Feb 25 '10 at 06:48
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  • Joel's been on already. Shows 7, 8 and 9 I believe – Tim J 14 years ago
  • Thanks, I will check these out. – Gyurisc 14 years ago


Josh Kopelman founded HALF.COM and sold it to eBay for 300 Million I believe. Then started another company and sold it to Symantec in 6 months time. Really bright, interesting guy worth trying to get a conversation with.

answered Feb 25 '10 at 09:40
Doug G
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It won't happen but my ultimate would be Steve Jobs and understanding the process from concept to creation. The process. His involvement. The factors he evaluates. Etc...

answered Feb 26 '10 at 05:39
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