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I know this has been asked million times but i am still not sure. I bought a PO box number recently.
I have looked at Mailbox Forwarding and EarthMail and others but none of them have addresses in Massachusetts.
my question is that when you form LLC, there are couple of addresses that they ask while filing in the certificate of organization.

  • principal office street address
    i am assuming this is the office street address. since mine is virtual, what would i put in here? po box, my home address, earthmail/regus address [which is not in mass, so not sure whether it will be treated as foreign entity]
    also, is this information publicly available to people?
  • street address where records will be maintained
    what is this address. is this mailing address they are asking? can this be po box, earthmail/regus, home address
  • registered agent
    i will have my name here but not sure what address to put in. because i do know this is going to be part of public record.
  • Filers contact information. This will be again my name and address. so what address should i put in. also will this be part of public record..

i know most of you have done this couple of times, so help is appreciated.


asked Nov 19 '10 at 02:18
Blackhorn Assoc
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This is simply my practical experience as an owner of multiple businesses:

Principal office street address = the main location where your business is conducted. If it's out of your home, then it's your home address. They get to know where you're actually doing business.

Street address where records will be maintained = Where your official books and business records are physically kept. This is in case an official needs to do an audit/review of some sort. Thus, it cannot reasonably be a post office box.

Registered agent address = the reliable contact information for the agent of the corporation. This can be a PO box so long as it is a reliable contact point for you.

Filers contact information = the reliable contact information for the filer. Again, this can be a PO box so long as it is a reliable contact point for you.

answered Nov 19 '10 at 03:05
Keith De Long
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  • thanks keith. that helps. – Blackhorn Assoc 13 years ago

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