I formed an LLC on November last yr and dissolved it on December, should I report this LLC to IRS?


I formed a Delaware LLC on November last year, and soon I found that the c-corp is more suitable for my situation, so I decided to dissolve this LLC, it has been dissolved on December last year (submitted formal termination request to Delaware, paid termination fee, and get approved). This LLC has an EIN, but I never opened an account for it, also no income involved. So do I need to report this LLC on my tax return?

LLC Tax IRS Delaware

asked Feb 25 '12 at 09:12
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If the business had no income then most likely you do not need to file. It may be to your benefit to file however in that you had a loss. The fees you paid to Delaware should be deductible business expenses.

answered Feb 25 '12 at 12:44
Jonny Boats
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Definitely. What do you mean you dissolved it? Both creating and ending any business form is a formal legal and tax matter. Your LLC is not dissolved if you haven't done anything formally to terminate it. In many states you need to get permission to even end it. Check with the Secretary of State or whereever you formed your llc.
BTW, now you will have to file a tax return for 2011 and also for 2012.

answered Feb 25 '12 at 09:35
Patrick Ny
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  • Yes, I did terminate this LLC formally, I paid over 100 dollars to Delaware government for the termination. I just want to know do I need to file tax return before Apr.15, since this company has only 1 month life and it doesn't involve any business or income. – Silent 12 years ago
  • Well, -2 or not, I still think the answer is Definitely. But I am not a tax accountant or tax attorney. If you are required to file and don't, there could be penalties when they catch up with you. Filing a return for this should be very simple, possibly on your own personal tax return.And as noted above, you should have some expenses to deduct (+ $100 to terminate). You can just call the IRS and ask or contact an attorney or accountant. – Patrick Ny 12 years ago

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