NDA questions - business or individual?

So, I am an individual currently making a game. I am asking for volunteers to help with the project, but I would prefer if an NDA was signed before they join. Issue is, I am not a legally registered company as of yet since there is no income or out-going money at this time.

So my question to you is a simple one (kinda complicated):

Since I live in Saskatchewan Canada, I can't make an NDA form on a website such as Formswift. I also do not know much about law, so I am wondering, is it possible to make an NDA between myself and all people being brought in to the team without it being signed under a company? Or would it being signed under a company be safer for me?

Since it's an NDA protecting my property and ideas for others to not steal and run off with, wouldn't it be safe to sign as an individual? They would be unable to sue me since I have unrestricted access to all information while theirs, along with information they can relay, is limited. That way, to my understanding, I would be suing them upon them breaking the contract, and it would be them directly - not to mention the lawsuit money going to me rather than the company's assets.

I have also done a bit of research and am still unsure on this - How would I register an NDA in Saskatchewan, Canada? Any links or quotes in the comments would be a great help leading me in the right direction.


Legal NDA

asked May 1 '17 at 23:04
Shikarra Wo W
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I'm not familiar with Canadian law, but an NDA can be signed between two individuals. The problem comes to how the specific NDA is written and what resources / IP it covers. If you sign with multiple people, those are just agreements between you personally and each of them personally, so getting them together in a room is going to be harder to "prove" / "cover".

I'd do yourself a favor and just have an LLC on hand for holdings. You can always transfer the property to other companies as you work out the details later.

IANAL, but this would make me personally more comfortable. It might make you look more official, as you'd have a company and theoretically more resources to go after an individual later.

answered Sep 5 '17 at 22:45
Dan Moore
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