Can be a new PIM method patented in European Union?


I have constructed a new personal information management system. It allows to organize personal matters in a new way. Can I file a patent to European Union? I live in Germany.

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asked Feb 2 '12 at 08:48
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  • Welcome. I don't think this is a question for this site. This is a Q&A site for issues related to starting and running a business, not for general legal questions. You should consult a lawyer about this. – Zuly Gonzalez 12 years ago
  • Hi. Well I am planning to run a business as soon as I will get the patent.. Also how about this question: "Duties & Taxes involved in importing into the US". It is on main site actually. – Steffen 12 years ago

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I think you actually need a lawyer for this question. But I want to suggest you Wikipedia: And of course the Deutsche Patentamt: To my knowledge you can only patent "something" which can be executed. For example, ideas cannot be patented. If you have the idea for a machine which should divide apples without any plans how - no chance. But if you a concrete plan for that machine and an engineer can execute it, then you can patent it.

In your case I would say it is pretty difficult to say. Reason: software patents are not protectable in the EU (to my knowledge). And my guess is your system will rely on software. Maybe it is different for what you have described, but I can't tell. You actually need an expert here.

Here is another link which might help you: cheers

answered Feb 2 '12 at 10:37
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