I have a NJ LLC, I want to add a DBA. Do I need a new EIN?


Since we already have a Legal LLC in the state of New Jersey, if I wanted to create a DBA would I need to get a new EIN number from the IRS or state-issued tax ID?

Can I operate the DBA as its own company in regard to public name and bank or do I have to disclose the main company?


asked Mar 6 '12 at 05:37
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  • You need to get a little more specific. You can have one company with multiple DBAs or you can have multiple companies depending on ownership and lines of business. – Karlson 11 years ago

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You file a DBA because you are doing business under a ficticious name. Your LLC can file multiple DBAs. DBAs are not a business form so they don't file taxes and I don't think you can get an EIN. The bank is going to want to know the legal entity and, especially these days, will probably want a copy of an official document - not a DBA notice.
You can conduct business under the DBA. There is no particular place to identify yourself otherwise. If the people want to check, your DBA filing is public information specifically intended to let people know who they are doing business with. They can look up the business name in the county or state - however it works there in NJ.

answered Mar 6 '12 at 09:37
Patrick Ny
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  • If you have an LLC what stopping from creating another one and getting another EIN? Nothing as far as I know. – Karlson 11 years ago
  • When you file additional LLC's i think there is some yearly fee's and tax filings you would need to do... I have single partner LLC so im not 100% sure about that – Steve 11 years ago


You can't file a DBA in New Jersey, if you've registered your company previously in NJ. However, you can register "Fictitious / Alternate Name" (which is basically the same thing). You can then officially use it for financial (banking), and advertising purposes.
As of today, you can't file it online, but mail and fax (additional fees may apply) options only.

answered Dec 1 '12 at 06:34
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