Online internet startup by buying a website?


I am a complete newbie and this is my first question here.

I was thinking of buying the help of some local web programmers to make a website and start something online. (I don't have much knowledge to build any website on my own). I was thinking of having a website related to tourism. I have no idea whatsoever but I am very interested in moving forward, can somebody guide me in what I should do. Is this really big to think of for a novice?

I don't have much money to start with, but I might take loan from some bank to start it, if it really meant some good business to start with.

There are a lot of online choices (for jobs/business) I saw like GoogleAds, online surveys and many more, I never heard of anybody making money from them really, except for the false claims of the checks/drafts that are posted on the website showing that come people really made money. Does it really work (honestly)?

Please advice or help me in starting any kind of online business. All kinds of suggestions inputs are welcome even if it does not relate much to my question?


Website Business

asked Jun 24 '11 at 21:12
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  • Hi and welcome to the site! You really need to edit your question to add more specifics. As the question currently stands it risks being closed. From what I understand of your question it is way too broad. This site isn't set up to answer questions like "help me in starting any kind of online business". Only you can answer that - what are you good at, what are you passionate about? If you have an idea for a business, and have specific questions about that business model we would be happy to answer them. – Zuly Gonzalez 13 years ago

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I try to be honest:

what does not work is "I try to do something related with x and I have no clue about internet startups".

What do you want to do? How would you like to earn money?

Google Ads work. They work if you buy ads, they also work if you have these ads on your page. But have in mind, I have 5.000 unique visitor per month on my ad driven personal site - i make 90 cent per month. Is this what you are looking for? You probably need 10x so much visitors to earn money hear.

I guess you really need an outlined idea for your business. If it is only related to write content and have some clicks on ads - let you create a blog and put ads there. This can also achieved for free with You can then try out if you site does reach so many people that you really make some bucks.

answered Jun 24 '11 at 21:27
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  • Thanks for the info, this is the place I really respect people for their honesty and feedback +1 – Munish 13 years ago
  • "This can also achieved for free with"--> I am going to try this out cause I am serious about doing something and see what happens...If you have any such suggestions you are welcome – Munish 13 years ago


From reading your question I recommend you to figure out what you want to do first.

What kind of website do you want to start? Tourism is a very broad category. How do you plan to make money? From advertising or selling exclusive access? Are you going to produce your own content like articles? Are you familiar with the tourism industry to be an authority figure?

Building something online is easy. Building something people want and also letting them know about it is the hard part.

answered Jun 25 '11 at 01:04
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