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I'm looking for the magic trifecta of good/quick/cheap, what are some options for improving operational capabilities around...

- Clients email a support email, this opens a ticket, notifies staff and provides client with tracking number. Management gets to see metrics/status.

Task Management
- Kanban Tools are great, I've heard Jira is good. Something that does this and the ticketing all in one is perfect.

What have you used that works?

Management Operations

asked Apr 6 '12 at 03:30
Mr. Graves
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If your support people get a lot of tickets about the same issue, perhaps it's a good idea to add a FAQ to your website (assuming you've got a website, otherwise it's the first thing you should take care off).
A wiki could help for support issues. It could serve as a usermanual if you want.

I'm in the software business and want to try setting up a Kiln + FogBugz service. This handles the wiki, ticket system and bugtracking list. Users of software can check if their bugreport or feature request has already been mentioned, so you won't get the same item twice.

Of course, having standard document templates is a good thing to have. That way everyone can create documents which have the same style.

Another important thing is having an intranet, fileserver or something similar, where employees can gather company information, software, etc.
Most important on having such a central storage is that everyone should be able to find what he/she is looking for.

answered Apr 6 '12 at 03:59
Jan V
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