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I read through some suggestions on this site with regard to payment processors and after a good deal of investigation found had all of the features I needed:

  • Flexible payment options including recurring billing for subscriptions
  • License key handling
  • DRM handling
  • Download handling
  • International transaction handling
  • Ease of setup

Or so it seemed. However after I signed up I find that most of the features I need are not included in the (frighteningly expensive) fees, instead I need to "call sales" to get those features (no doubt at more cost).

Bearing in mind my requirements, does anyone have suggestions for alternatives or is avangate worth sticking with (although I feel like my first interaction with them ended with a "bait and switch")?

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asked Jan 6 '10 at 01:37
Ian Wilson
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I'd recommend you talk with the folks at FastSpring. While they don't have everything you are looking for, they are very easy to work with and driven to make things work the way you need them to.

We've used them for our eCommerce since going live and have had a great experience. They've been excellent at supporting our questions (at late hours... on weekends...) and their rates are clear and understandable.

It's great to do business with a group of people that engender trust; in the end that's near the top of my list when I look for partners.

answered Jan 12 '10 at 02:19
Kendall Miller
968 points
  • Thanks Kendall, I will take a look. I also look for trust to begin a relationship. – Ian Wilson 14 years ago

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