How would people receive a startup called ltrPath considering that there's one called Path?


How would you receive and what kind of association would come up in your mind about these two names?

Is there any possiblity of a trademark violation? Like the book word in the facebook case.

Take a look:

Naming Trademark

asked Dec 12 '10 at 17:58
Keyne On
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Short term - no. I bet if you spent some time hunting the web you'd find an abundance of companies called Path, fully or as a part of their name. Right now you're too small for them to care.

If you become very successful, and you're a competitor - perhaps. But at that stage you're more likely to let your investors and their lawyers duke out the battle (or in reality settle it over dinner, since they're all basically friends anyway).

But I'd like to ask: Are you sure you want to? is undeniably getting a lot of traction and press. If they're gaining momentum, and people may confuse the two companies, the smaller company is the one that will loose the battle. Just sayin'.

answered Dec 13 '10 at 09:25
John Sjölander
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  • At the same time I belive in the actual business model of, I doubt if it will really be a successful startup, because the press is talking about it more because its founders than its business plan. I'm digging to find another name to prevent any problem in the future. But I was wondering, what if they are just a press moment? Many people who try their application think the same. Although, I like the ideia of a "path" of moments in a time line, but... I don't know... Just wondering. – Keyne On 13 years ago
  • I think you're right. They're basically taking of Facebook. I just don't see that happening: People using another service for just the personal stuff. What they're offering as a service is basically a feature in facebook. But venture backed startups don't die. They fade away. So expect them to be around for a while. – John Sj√∂lander 13 years ago
  • I agree, let's see what happens. Either way, I think I will change the name. Thanks to reply. – Keyne On 13 years ago

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