What if there is a similar named iPhone app already in the app store?


I am about to submit my first app to the Apple app store.

Let's say that it is called "GreatClock". There is already an app on the market called "great clock". There is some variable spelling, different capitals and a space.

I have registered my name with Apple. Will this create a legal conflict?

Iphone Apps Trademark Name Apple

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It is possible you are infringing another's trademark. More important than registering the name with Apple is clearing it and registering it with the government. It may not matter that there are slight differences in the two names. If it is likely to cause confusion, registering it with Apple and offering it for sale may be infringing acts.

During any due diligence for a contract involving your product, this issue should arise, and it will be your duty to comply with your buyer's requirements.

You can search registered trademarks here:

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  • thanks i will look into it now – User35610 11 years ago


Choose a different name. You have a moral as well a legal reasons to do so.

  1. You would not want to work hard building a brand only to have someone else launch a product with a confusingly similar name. This is not fair competition.
  2. A key issue in trademark infringement is whether your product name creates confusion in the marketplace. Similar names for similar products and services creates confusion.
answered Jan 19 '13 at 04:55
Keith De Long
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  • thanks Keith, i see you points very clearly. i think that I was so set on one name. I will change the name significantly to avoid this issues! cheers man! – User35610 11 years ago

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Iphone Apps Trademark Name Apple