steps required to receive payments from app store as a non-US resident


I'm a non-US citizen and have a couple of free iOS applications in the app store. Now, i want to create non-free versions, but i'm trying to gather what are the requirements that i would need in order for setting up payments from the app store.

Initially i thought it would be enough to create a banking account in the US, but then i've read about some other legal requirements from Apple if i either decide to join the MFi (Made for iPhone) program, for instance, they won't accept individuals but business entities like a LLC. Now, i've been googleing and it seems a non-US citizen cannot represent a LLC?

How are other non-US citizens registering for receiving payments from App Store?

LLC Payments International Mobile Apps Apple

asked May 21 '12 at 00:29
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First: Made for iPhone is a program for hardware and accessories producers. It has nothing to do with the app store.

To get money from Apple for your sold apps you'll have to fill out their tax info and contract forms (I believe they don't require you to snail mail anything to them anymore but I could be wrong). And you'll need a bank account. You don't have to use an US account. For example european bank accounts work too. (I guess any account with an IBAN number should work.)

There's no need to be represented by a LLC. You can participate as a private entity.

answered May 21 '12 at 01:00
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