Is there any place to post ideas and sell patents?


Everyone has their own ideas. Some patented ideas may be useful for company growth. Many companies look for innovative ideas. Is there any place to post patented ideas so that companies seeking ideas will look at them and will buy patent rights if they like a particular idea?

By Googling I found some sites, but does anyone have experience using any of them? Can anybody name the best places to post and sell ideas?

Ideas Patent Selling

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You need to distinguish between selling ideas and selling patents.

I don't think there are any resources for selling ideas because, frankly, ideas are not worth much. Coming up with a good idea for a business is not that hard, but building a successful business based on a good idea is much harder. Selling ideas is also hard logistically because you have to tell others the idea before they agree to purchase it, and once others know it can be hard to keep it a secret. You can sign NDA's of course but people don't always follow them.

There are a number of companies that sell patents. Here is one example: Patents are more valuable than ideas because the government has given you the right to stop other people from using the disclosed invention. Patents are really hot right now so if you have good ideas you can patent then you could try to sell them. Note that it takes 3-5 years to get a patent so this is a long term plan. It is also a lot like playing the lottery as it is hard to predict what will be valuable in 5-10 years.

answered Dec 19 '11 at 04:23
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  • I am already holding patents for some methods. How can I sell it? – Gimp 12 years ago
  • @Gimp, you can contact the company I linked to (I'm not recommending them as I've never worked with them) or other companies that provide similar services. Intellectual Ventures is another example. – Kekito 12 years ago

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