Points to be mentioned while writing to angels


I am about to start writing to Angel investors about my project. Can anybody tell me what are the bullet points to be included while writing to Angels.

Should I follow any steps while writing to them?

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asked Sep 16 '11 at 03:08
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  1. The problem. (What it is, who experiences, and how big of a problem - in dollars - it is)
  2. The solution (What you will you do and how it solves the problem)
  3. The opportunity. (Size of market, percentage you will get, resulting value of the company)

Should be able to do that in three sentances or so. Through your ability to present simply you will be able to communicate your command on your business and market.

So -- three paragprahs:
1. Your introduction and personal connection/link to them.
2. The P.S.O. (as above)
3. The ask (meeting, phone call, meet at the conference they are attending. . . . )

Remember these a busy people who will be scanning the letter not really reading it. They get hundreds of these. By keeping it short and simple you are respecting their time -- and maximizing the opportunity you will get a warm response when you follow up with a phone call.

answered Sep 16 '11 at 03:40
Joseph Barisonzi
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  • Add to this: 4. decent logo. If you are at the point of contacting angels, you should drop at least $100 and get a quality logo. Nothing fancy, nothing large, but something that can be on your letter head along with your mantra (if you've got one, which you should). A good logo says a lot. 5. White page, black text. Don't let #4 go to your head and "purtify" your pitch. – Sold Out Activist 12 years ago

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