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I'm really disappointed about services provided by the CH agent that registered my ltd in the UK. At the beginning, they misspelled my name and didn't answer to my e-mails regarding this issue. They corrected the document after more than a week. I also use their registered office address, and they're saying on their website that their registered office meets all legal requirements. Since I store all the company books outside the UK, the Company House asked me to make drafts of my annual returns and accounts every half a year and store them at the registered office's address (there is information about this requirement available on the Companies House website, as well as I received a letter directly from the Companies House). A woman from the agency said I would not have to do this, and that they won't let me store those documents in the office. And on their website it also says that using their registered office, international customers comply with UK law. I also paid for them to help me with PAYE registration. They say on their website that "administering your payroll can be time consuming and burdensome, diverting energy and resources from the core activities of your business. We are in a position to relieve you of this burden by providing a comprehensive and confidential payroll registration service." In fact, they only send an e-mail to HM R&C with all the details that are required. When I got a message from HM Revenue & Customs with further requirements, I asked the agent to help me, but they said they wouldn't do it. I'm sorry to say, but this services cannot be called "comprehensive".

What would you do in my place?

I have already found another accounting office, but I also have paid for 2 years of using services of the first one. Should I ask for my money back? Should I contact the Companies House, and tell them about the situation or try to solve the problem between me and the agents? Would it be legal to tell the agent, that if they don't accept my complaint, I will have to take further steps (and for example publicly inform about the situation on internet forums)?

UK Company Agent Limited

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  • Good luck with that. Governmental agencies that handle business registrations tend to be slow and non-responsive, including in the US. Complaints run abound, but little has been done to resolve outstanding problems. – Henry The Hengineer 11 years ago

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You must contact them with your problem and see who can help you on each part of your problem

Do not disclose info on internet forums or in other forms of mass comunication as it can be a clause on your contract/deal. Find expert advice before act, and keep the tone and the good dialog.
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  • Thank you for the links. They're pretty useful. :) – Lukeshek 11 years ago


I can understand the annoyance, but it sounds to me that you've gone with a discount service provider and you've outgrown them, (a) because you're an edge case and their business model is all about common cases, (b) because their menu of services simply doesn't have all you need.

My guess is that you could spend a lot of time and go to a lot of expense, and at best you're going to get a marginal refund (because you've had the service you've paid for).

So before you go down that road, spend five minutes on your personal cost/benefit analysis.

My inclination would be, unless you come out of the five minutes convinced you'd be crazy to let it drop, to write the Managing Director a polite letter saying how happy you were with the service for 18 months (say), and how frustrating it was towards the end that their team didn't ask the right questions to work out they weren't the right solution going forward - and therefore that you're unlikely to recommend them to others.

That lets you get it off your chest, gives them an opportunity to learn at least and may (let's call this a 5% chance) give them an incentive to make some kind of gesture to win back not your business but your goodwill.

answered Jun 13 '12 at 02:09
Jeremy Parsons
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