Any recommendations for getting listing in directory?


We've been trying for a long time with no success. I've heard all sorts of stories. Anybody have any suggestions?

Appreciate it,

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asked Jul 20 '11 at 07:50
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For those who don't why DMOZ is interesting: It's an open, volunteer-driven human-edited directory, like Yahoo! was it in the earliest days. Being listed in DMOZ is said to guarantee crawling of your site by all major search engines, because all search engines have URL feeds from DMOZ.

Today the common advice is: don't bother. DMOZ is famously un-responsive to requests for inclusion ; it has been this way for many years; and nobody at DMOZ seems to want to change this poor behavior.

More importantly, the relative benefits of a DMOZ listing have gone way down. If you have any kind of blogger outreach / organic link building strategy / social media presence / online marketing effort, then you don't need DMOZ. Google et al will index your website as soon as you get a handful of inbound links from other (reputable) sites.

Yahoo! used to take paid inclusions, but no longer does that. The human-edited directory of the web is going the way of the dodo...

answered Jul 20 '11 at 09:15
Jesper Mortensen
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  • Just to backup what Jesper said: It took me about 4 years and 3 attempts to get listed in DMOZ. As far as I can tell the listing has no benefit at all. DMOZ might have been influential once, but it isn't now. – Andy Brice 12 years ago
  • I also assume that Google has a live feed of registered domains, so as soon as there's anything there, it'll index it. – Steve Jones 11 years ago


I think dmoz is already dead and rather irrelevant despite being used by google - Unless you know an approved moderator its as good as pointless.

answered Jul 22 '11 at 11:34
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