Registering an LLC in Wyoming


I am interested to register an LLC in Wyoming, but I currently do not have a US address. Is this possible? Do I also need a registered agent to register my LLC in Wyoming? Based on your experience, what is the recommendable registered agent that serve Wyoming area?

Thank you very much in advance for your guidance.


asked May 13 '10 at 07:58
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Why Wyoming, especially if you're out of state?

Have you considered Delaware?

They have probably the most business friendly laws. Also, you do not have to be present in the state to have your business registered if you have an agent. Because there are so many companies are registered there and a lot of them are out of state there are plenty of agents, some are as low as $50/yr. I've been using this one for years: Harvard Business Services, Inc. and would recommend them.

answered May 13 '10 at 09:43
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  • Thanks for the recommendation Slate. I have heard that generally Delaware state annual fee and tax are more expensive and Wyoming. Is Delaware the only state that allows you to register if you are from another state? – Jpartogi 14 years ago
  • I'm sorry, I'm not sure about other states. Isn't the reason for business registration to avoid legal and tax issues? In DE your agent can handle some tasks for you.Not sure about WY. I think it is also easier to travel to DE, especially during winter ;) – Usabilitest 14 years ago
  • Thanks slatecaster, I have contacted the agent you recommended. I am interested to register in Wyoming because of the low tax fee. – Jpartogi 14 years ago

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