Running multiple entities at the same time?


I seem to struggle at one thing, being all over the place. I believe I have good entrepreneurial mindset and wondering if I am doing it all wrong. My aim is to quit the corporate job and run my own show.

So far I have started 2 companies and currently running them at the same time. Here is the scenario.

One is a groupon clone website

  • very time consuming, service driven
  • high need for funding in terms of growth
A niche publishing company
  • require good content strategy
  • less time consuming
  • doesn't require funding. i can fund mostly from my pocket.

I am passionate about these two as I think there's a gap in the market.

Do you think having two companies, running them while working full-time is a good strategy?

Should I concentrate on one and drop the other? Which one?

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asked Mar 27 '12 at 01:36
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You are potentially working on generating a disaster.

I would sit down an check on these things:

  1. How much time I actually spend working at my full time job?
  2. How much time I actually spend working at company 1?
  3. How much time I actually spend working at company 2?
  4. How much money does company 1 bring in now? How much is the potential return from Company 1?
  5. How much money does company 2 bring in now? How much is the potential return from Company 2?

When you actually figure this out you will get a clearer picture of what you should do next. As it stands you simply trying to substitute your your judgement with the collective judgement of this forum. That's no way to run your business or run your life. On top of this depending how many hours a day you spend running things you will want to consider that at some point you might start working for the hospital bills. Yes sometimes we all think that we are 10 feet tall an bulletproof until that comes back to bite you.

So sit down, figure out what you are spending and what you are earning and this will make your decision clearer.

answered Mar 27 '12 at 02:02
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