How to sell through ClickBank via a GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart website


I have a website that I use to market software, which is available for download through the website. I use GoDaddy's Quick Shopping Cart for the website. It has an invoice, shopping cart and more all included in the website.

Now I'm trying to sell through ClickBank, but modifying the GoDaddy website is a pain, and doesn't seem possible to do to line up with ClickBank requirements. Now that I've been working to meet ClickBank requirements, the site now has 2 "Pay Here" parts (1 of which is for ClickBank); I can't seem to develop a "Thank You" page to meet ClickBank requirements, etc.

Any tips or guidance would be appreciated! Is there an online manual to show GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart users how to adjust their websites to link up with ClickBank?


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asked Oct 4 '11 at 08:50
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  • Thanks. ClickBank doesn't appear to work with GoDaddy's Quck Shopping Cart, unless anyone has different experiences. – User6492 12 years ago

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Are you using Clickbank for the affiliate network? If so, it is necessary that you use their payment gateway to make sure the affiliates get paid. Generate a test credit card from account settings -> my site. Use the card to test the payment gateway and the thank you page.
Create your product and add the thank you page on the Account Settings -> my products page.

CB passes the customer info to the thank you page using the URL. Refer to this page for url variables and additional info on creating the payment link and thank you page. I am not affiliated with CB.

answered Oct 5 '11 at 00:11
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