How to sell my idea?


I have an idea patented. I believe that its worthy and will be useful for companies of a kind. Well, 1) how can I approach the company with my idea, 2) Is it possible to sell it as a license? (Like to get end user rights on patents who cannot redistribute but just to use) 3) Is there any organization to do free brokerage to this.


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  • 99.9% Chance you will never sell it. Don't waste your time. – Genadinik 12 years ago

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Here's a point to ponder: Prove your idea is INDEED valuable/worthwhile.

2nd point to ponder: "HOW" to prove it? And this is the tricky part.

You "believe" that it's worthy and will be useful for companies of a kind - can you somehow validate this claim? Can you create a 'model' (not necessarily mathematical, even pictures would be just fine) that would make someone see and ascertain your claim?

The model that I usually suggest people to help lay out the 'value of their initiative' is to use a results chain technique to help lay out your thoughts and force you to answer questions like "so-what" to every 'benefit' (or belief in your case) you can come up with.

I've explained it quite often on this forum and don't want to repeat myself but here is the link to the answers explaining the technique. Use that to validate the above claims for yourself and then take it forward:

Benefits and risks of taking your company internationally Coffee Startup -- How to decide where to spend the marketing dollars? When you have a few ideas for products, how to assess them and make a move? Hope this helps...

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First, you need to protect your idea. Without protection, as soon as you tell someone your idea, they can take it and run with it. Whether they WILL is another question. Generally ideas don't have a lot of value, it is building them into something worthwhile that is the real value.

That said, you just asked about selling an idea so here you go. First, try to get a patent on it. You're not supposed to be able to get a patent on an idea but there are plenty of people who do. And, just because you have a patent doesn't mean you're safe - you must be able to defend your patent.

Once you have a patent (if the idea is for a 'thing' then build a 'thing' first) then you can sell that patent - THAT has value. You can license a patent or you can sell it. Lots of options once you have the protection in place.

To sell the rights, just find a patent marketplace. Start here:

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  • Can you patent an idea? I think we can patent only the unique way of building a product? – Ncm123 12 years ago
  • That was the intention when the USPTO was setup but there have bee plenty of cases of people patenting things which are more conceptual than something with a working prototype. The USPTO is in need of reform but that's for a different forum. I do believe the USPTO will issue a patent on an idea but I also believe they should not if they are to hold true to their mandate. Best is to build whatever you want to patent and go from there. – John 12 years ago

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