Selling Ads Space on website - Terms and Conditions please?


I reserve some space on my website for selling ads and cannot find any Terms and Conditions anywhere on the Internet that I could use as a template. Consulting or hiring a lawyer is off the table here for my situation at the moment. Do you know anywhere I can find FREE full details of Terms and Condition which lawsuit based in the UK, good one, in selling ads on the website?


asked Nov 19 '11 at 20:47
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Find another company that sells ad space and copy and paste their terms and conditions. If you are worried about being sued for copyright infringement (which is silly - do you think anyone is going to find out or care that you are using their TOS?), just change the numbering and order of the paragraphs.

This is a perfectly viable solution for a start-up that does not want to invest thousands of pounds in a lawyer who will copy and paste from somewhere else anyway. In fact, this piece of advice was given to me by a lawyer. Once you have grown to 100K pounds per year, then you can hire a lawyer.

answered Nov 20 '11 at 10:14
B Seven
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I've found two sources that are not hooks to get you signed up for spam or other services:

  • Automattic, the operators of, have made their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy available under a Creative Commons (CC) license.
  • Free TOS generator at (this website is currently broken, but I've used this generator before and know it's legit although very legalistic and U.S. oriented)

My suggestion would be to look at some Terms on big U.K. sites and then modify the Terms with any U.K. specific clauses you found on the other sites.

answered Nov 21 '11 at 16:50
Van Gale
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