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In our tribe, every single bit of what we put on something we make has a story behind it. It has some meaning. So it takes me several days to make Indian art. I sell the art I create at pow wows but Indians are very poor, so my prices have to be low. There are no art stores near my reservation. There are restrictions like my tribe's belief that we should not take pictures of anything we create, so I am hesitant to have an online site. How else can I sell my art? Thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments.


asked Mar 19 '12 at 09:33
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There are boutique stores and small shops throughout your state I am sure that could sell local art. You would have to give them a few pieces each, and they would probably pay you once they sell them.

If taking a photo of the art is a no-no it will be difficult to sell online. One idea would be to create a site where the visitor tells you something about them, colors they like, animals they feel an attachment too, a little bit about their life and past.. and you create a custom piece of art based on those comments, emotions and story.

So each piece would be custom to the buyer. That would be really cool - then when the person gets the art they can do a video testimonial and show the art in it and post it on Youtube.. you can then link to it. Maybe that's a loophole ;)

answered Mar 19 '12 at 14:19
Ryan Doom
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