SERP depend on the number of Facebook's "likes"?


Does search engine results page (SERP) depend on the number of Facebook's "likes"?

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asked Jun 29 '11 at 04:49
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Social media are indeed signals that the web search quality team at Google use to determine ranking on SERPS.

See Matt Cutts discuss it here.
And Danny Sullivan here.

Pay careful attention to Matt's caveats though.

answered Jun 29 '11 at 05:35
Carson McComas
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Some recent analysis on SEOMoz site indicates that there is some correlation between social sites "Likes" (Google, Facebook, Twitter etc) and search engine ranking. It can be indirectly because Google have no full access to Facebook data. Also take in mind that correlation does not imply causality.

Does Google Use Facebook Shares to Influence Search Rankings?

answered Jun 29 '11 at 15:36
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