Setting up a US business to monetize a website, and doing so from abroad. Is it possible?


I should state at the outset that I am a US Citizen, but simply living abroad in a country where starting a business is much more complicated. I have recently created a website that I would like to start monetizing somehow. Advertisments is one option, but I think there is real potential for making it a paid or at least freemium service. It is a high-barrier-to-entry service, for which I have not found other competing services, at least yet.

What I am trying to clarify is how I should go about structuring the business and receiving payments. I suppose I could start out by simply receiving payments directly, I assume as a sole proprietor, like many people who start out on the internet. This is a bit messy, as it opens me up to liability and makes accounting messy.

The other option would be to start a company. However, I am living abroad, and it is not so easy to simply fly back and do it in person. In fact, I wouldn't even know where to start if I did. Is it possible to do this from abroad, and what is the best business type for the company I am proposing (LLC, Corp, etc.)?

Finally, is it possible to set up a US bank account from abroad, either as an individual (in the sole proprietor capacity) or as an agent for a US business? Googling only returns results for non-US citizens wanting to open US bank accounts. Ultimately, though, I assume this would be easy to do, even if I had to fly back and do in person, once I set up the business.

Any advice, even very general, would be greatly appreciated. I am hitting wall after wall trying to move this project forward.

Monetization Corporate Structure Bank Account

asked Mar 30 '13 at 21:34
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Monetization Corporate Structure Bank Account