How to start a company and what are the basic steps to setup a company?


I am working in a private company since 2 years as a application developer and now I am thinking to setup a company.

I am not aware of the process(steps) to setup a company.
What I know is if I have to setup a company I have to get projects and for that I have to make my profile(portfolio) strong.

As I am new in this stage I have some questions.

  1. What are the steps to setup a company?
  2. As I am new I do not have a portfolio so how I can get a projects and tarted my carrier in the industry?
  3. What are the other parameters that I have to keep in mind for success of company like partnership, employee etc.
  4. What can be the risk to start up a company ?

I want to start a company but don't know how to start and which parameters I have to keep in mind.

I really want to know the steps to setup the company.

Please help me


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asked Dec 21 '11 at 22:16
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  • What country are you in? The process is different in every country. – Jonny Boats 12 years ago
  • I am from India – Dharmendra 12 years ago

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You will have to take certain risk. You can form a company and start part time work on the new venture till you are confident that you can leave the comfort of your job. You can also take up freelancing job without setting up a company first.

For attracting customer, you need to have really cool portfolio which will establish you as a genuine vendor in your domain.

Apart from this pricing plays an important role as well as the need to have a very good corporate and product web site.

answered Dec 23 '11 at 00:44
Natwar Lath
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