Start-up name : getting only the .ca domain when .com isn't available?

I found a really good title for my start-up (I least I think). It is short, not too descriptive (but still a little bit) and brandable. In the first place, my product will be localize in Canada only, so I want to heavily use the .ca domain.
But the problem is : there is a start-up in France that took the .com domain (and .fr at the same time).
  • We are both in real estate business.
  • They didn't launch there WebSite yet, but they seems serious about it. They will probably in a few months.
  • Their product seems to focus only on a little region of France. Mine will probably be bigger (french part of Canada).
  • They also have the Twitter name.
  • For now (and at least a few years) we won't be compete on the same territory.
  • They registered the domain for only one year.

I could make a little variant of the name by replacing an entire word. But a survey I did tells me that people prefer a little bit the first name (not the variant).

So, do you think I making a mistake if I decide to use the first name anyway (instead of the variant)?

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asked Jun 11 '14 at 13:38
Francis L
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  • Don't read too much into a 1-year domain registration. That's pretty common, and it will probably auto-renew after a year anyway. – rbwhitaker 4 years ago
  • Thanks. I did know if it was relevant or not. – Francis L 4 years ago
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In my experience, a hefty chunk will always type in ".com" by default if they're directly visiting your site.

That said, naming a startup isn't that important to your success. For most sites, direct traffic accounts for a tiny percentage of overall traffic. Most of your customers will find you through Google, mentions on other sites, or your ads.

I'd recommend using LeanDomainSearch to find a .com that is available.

answered Jun 11 '14 at 14:31
Nishank Khanna
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