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Once I've solidified what we're offering, where and what are some cheap/free ways to get students involved. I need really creative ideas here. Craigslist doesn't cut it as a good answer. In my city, participation on that site is basically reserved to job hunters. Posting on campus sounds like a good idea, but that could get sticky since I'm promoting my learning opportunity on a university campus. Then again, is that so taboo? Anyways, I need some major help on this one. A list of great marketing ideas that are possible to execute for around $100-$150 or of course less.

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asked Aug 2 '10 at 15:41
Ryan Chatterton
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  • Bringing on some great business teachers to create a stand-alone entrepreneurship and idea college. Bringing the MBA out of the graduate school setting and offering such material to students directly out of high school. (Sure would help if it existed here already! Chicken before the egg type of thing.) The whole school will be focused around the design thinking process with individual classes within each section (empathize, define problem, ideate, prototype, test). The school is entirely project based. Students work on their own projects or collaborate on one together (business,non-profit,etc) – Ryan Chatterton 13 years ago
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You're going to have to get in with the local high schools. Get to know the counselors and anyone who teaches business, careers or a school club program like Junior Achievement. Offer to speak to a class or set up a table as a college recruiter (That's what your competition is doing.).

Picking a college is a tough decision. Serious candidates are going to require a lot of personal interaction. You're at a disadvantage during this startup process, so be prepared to offer a more personal touch.

answered Aug 3 '10 at 05:55
Jeff O
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See if you can use some of the resources on Classroom 2.0:

answered Aug 19 '10 at 15:05
Henry The Hengineer
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